Mission Statement and Directors

The Forestville Education Foundation is the community Parent and Volunteer organization at Forestville School and Academy and has the specific purpose to support and enhance the educational experience of students attending these schools.

The Foundation is made up of a Board of Directors, numbering no more than 15, which holds an open meeting once a month at Forestville School. Parents and community members are invited to become members by donating (any amount) to the Foundation. Members are accepted beginning in August through June of every year. The Foundation is a non-profit organization with all funds (except for a small insurance fee) going to programs for Forestville School/Academy students.

Historically, the Foundation has funded art, music, sports, physical education, field trips, assemblies, reading programs, yearbook, classroom supplies and special equipment, and more. The Foundation organizes and raises money through various events throughout the school year, such as Bingo Night, The Craft Fair, Talent Show, and annual Gala, and also sponsors the K-3 Harvest Fair, Volunteer Tea and Staff Appreciation Luncheon. The Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization with all funds (except for very minimal overhead for insurance, bank fees, postage, supplies, etc.) going to programs for Forestville School & Academy students.

2015-2016 Directors

Eleanor Gorman, President (president.foundation@gmail.com)

Linda Strauss, Secretary

Jean Bullard, Treasurer (treasurer.foundation@gmail.com)

Fran Oliver, Membership

Aprill Vera, Events, Co-Coordinator

Ame Nultemeier, Events Co-Coordinator

Tera Del Drago, Box Tops

Gillian Hayes, Gala Chair

Noelle Huberty, Staff Liaison

Mandy Danzart, Website Co-Coordinator

Heidi Ochoa, Website Co-Coordinator

Joy Johnson